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Weeping Angel
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I made these for a Doctor Who Loving Friend of mine and plan on making another set or two in the future.   These Doctor Who Weeping Angel barbie doll Statues are made with the basic concept you’ll find if you Google making your own Barbie Doll Weeping Angel.   The basic form is a doll body. I use Apoxie clay to then reshape the arms and face as needed..the barbie hair is removed and i use the Apoxie clay to sculpt hair.   The wings are made with foam core board that is covered with Apoxie clay to create 3 dimensional feathers. the dress is a gauze material that has been soaked in glue and draped over the doll.   The entire Doctor Who Weeping Angel barbie doll is given a textured paint coating followed by various shades of gray dry brushed..   Materials Used: Doll body, Apoxie Clay, Foam Core Board, Hot Glue, Skewer, Pine Wood base, Gauze Fabric, Elmer’s Glue, Acrylic Paint and Textured Spray Paint.   You will add to your wonderful home one standard covering the face Doctor Who Weeping Angel Doll Statue and one Screaming and reaching Doctor Who Weeping Angel Doll Statue.   If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me.


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