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OOAK Earth Elemental Pebble Sprite

OOAK Earth Elemental Pebble Sprite

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I have a wizard friend that uses the rubble of an Earth Elemental to bring these Pebble Sprites to life or so the story goes..


These OOAK Earth Elementals are made with Fimo and Sculpey Materials. They have a wire armature to help them survive a knock or ping that may happen in life. If you visit my Facebook or the Gallery here on the site you will see some additional build photos of my work as well.


The OOAK Earth Elemental Pebble Sprite stand about 3 inches in height while on their feet. I have designed most of the OOAK Earth Elemental Pebble Sprites so you can incorporate something personal with them as the sit upon a shelf and watch over you.


Most of my models have eyes that I have made from scratch, some use beads to get a feeling I may be looking for in the design.


I do not Mold or Cast anything at this time so everything i have are Original One of A Kind Fantasy Creatures. If you have a question about an item feel free to send me an email.



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