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These little Gob-bo babies are made with Femo or Sculpey III and painted with Acrylic paints. The cheesecloth has been dyed with “natural” materials. The eyes on the Gob-bo babies are made with various types of plastic or glass beads. The core of the Doll consists of art wire wrapped in fiber fill and tape. I have also used fishing weights to counter balance the dolls. This allows the doll to sit properly in your hand. The average length of these little buggers is approximately 6 inches.

They are shipped in a sealed gift box..Warning: once the seal is broken all responsibilities for any trouble they may make is now in your hands.

The Carton is made of recycled craft paper. The bedding is made of shredded brown shopping bags. The sturdy shipping quality carton is then wrapped in twine and secured with the wax seal of Claude Raymond (CR).

Your Gob-bo baby will be shipped via a bubbled wrapped Priority Mail Mailing Envelope with a shipping and handling charge of $10.00,

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Dimensions 4 x 8 x 4 in


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