Carved Dragon Tooth Pendant


Dragon Tooth Pendant
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This Carved Dragon tooth is a resin casting of my original design. Each Carved Dragon Tooth is cast, hand painted and finished by me.


I decided to put a twist on the standard Dragon Tooth Pendant and came up with the concept to make the root of the tooth appear to be carved to accept a glass dragon eye.


The eyes in the Carved Dragon Tooth are glass with my standard dragon eye print in use. The cord has a simple knot method in use to allow it to be adjusted to the height you want to wear the tooth at .. just pull the ends of the cords away from each other on the knots and it will pull tighter. Pull the cord down and it will open back up.


Each tooth is hand painted so there are variations on each tooth and the images on this page are a shadow of what yours will look like. At this time all the teeth will have a red eye placed inside the eye socket. I may offer other colors in the future.


If you have any question please feel free to send them on my way.

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