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Hand finished 25 inch long Unicorn Horn. The pictures show the horn on a Display stand that is not included in the purchase. Also note that the Horn was spun in each picture so you can see the various “sides” of the horn.

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The “Unicorn Horn Trophy” is cast in plastic from my original design, created for my “Hunt for the Unicorn Trophy – Wall Mount.” The unicorn displayed in the tapestries is much more goat- or deer-like than horse-like, and the horn is much, much longer than what is commonplace in Hollywood unicorns.

hunt of the unicornunicorn trophy mount on fence



Each casting I make gets a custom base or pedicle made for it after it is pulled from the mold. It is then painted to make it bone-like and then seal-coated.

This listing is for a unicorn horn that was given an experimental black paint job. Remember, I’m looking to make my unicorn horns lifelike so it has been painted to look like “black” bone.


The horn measures about 25 inches in length and about 1.5 inches around at the base.


This item is shipped in a shipping tube. I have had custom foam inserts created to make sureit gets to you in one piece.

Unicorn Horn Packaging

Please feel free to ask me any question you may have on this item. If desired I can do custom paint jobs on the horns.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 2 x 2 in


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