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Back at it finally.


I have been lax with the old website posts since Facebook makes it so darn easy to post there. However Since I’m closing Etsy down due to their implementation of Etsy Pay and their requirements of making vendors use it. They also are changing listing programming that will give higher volume sellers higher listings.. This means Made In China will get listed way higher than Independent Artists and Makers.

So onto what I have been cooking up as of late. I have several new things that are at shows with me now and that i’m working on to get some listed here.

Let’s start with my New Cyclops Babies. These guys are Not OOAK as they are Hand Finished castings of my Original Design. I took inspiration from the old 7th Voyage of Sinbad.I didn’t like the 2 finger look so I added a third and I also decided I wanted to make him fury. So my little fella has hair on his head and hair on his upper arms. This allows me to make him fully poseable and a little cuter.

Baby Cyclops  Baby Cyclops Baby Cyclops Baby Cyclops Baby Cyclops Sitting

Next up we have my New Gift Giver Goblins. These were designed to originally hold a ring or trinket of your choosing, however the also come with a precious stone of their own.

Gift Giver Goblin Gift Giver Goblin Gift Giver Goblin


I just also finished a companion piece for the Gift Giver Goblin that is called the Pyro Goblin. He sits in awe of the fire and smoke coming from in incense cone that is buring in the saucer in front of him. GingerlyTwisted is making the saucers for me and I will have them with me at my next shows.


Pyro Goblin Pyro Goblin


The Shoulder Dragons are also new for 2017 and come with a counter magnet that you place under your shirt. I should have started by saying the Shoulder Dragons Have magnets in their butts as well. I generally have 4 base colors at shows Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. I can however make them in any color scheme. The bodies of these are castings and the wings are all made with neoprene rubber and semi-poseable. All of these Pieces are hand finished.

Shoulder Dragon Green Shoulder Dragon Blue Pet Shoulder Dragon Shoulder Dragon 

As a reminder I also have my Dragon Keepers and can also do custom pant request on them. This one wasn’t a custom order but is not one of my standard pieces.. I had the paint there so i made a Pink one. The Dragon Keeper will watch over you dice or counters and keep the riff raff from touching them.

Dragon Keeper


The Rare and often stepped on Horned Trenching Moles will be showing up at my mid year shows. These are hand finished castings from my original design so they don’t really qualify as OOAK in the One OF A KIND kinda sense.. Below is my beta test build out with my castings. He turned out well and 4 more are in the pipeline being finished.

  horned trench mole



These are the original sculpts of some future Mini Trophy Plaques. They will be molded and cast so the price point can stay low on them.

Small Fantasy Trophy Plaques


I have also added some Small EyeBall Flower Vases to my local Shows they have “faux” water in the vases to add a little extra to them.

eye flower vase eye flower vase eye flower vase eye flower vase

I’ve added a Unicorn Horn to my offerings that has blood about the tip of it. This is inspired by one of “The Hunt of the Unicorn” tapestries. You can see a hunting hound is getting stuck in one of them.

unicorn horn with blood unicorn horn with blood

This is my first test finish on my new Should Imp. He has a magnet in his but so he can whisper not so sweet nothings in your ear. This is a hand finished casting with custom hand made wings for each piece.

Shoulder Imp

My Woodland Goblins made their debut at the end of last year and they have multiplied a little. They are hand finished castings with several hair types and eyes types.

woodland goblin woodland goblin woodland goblin woodland goblin woodland goblin woodland goblin


Second to last is an experiment that I will see how they go at Origins this year. It is my Cthulhu Ear Squid. I only have the Right Ear made at this time as i’m just testing the waters right now. It took 4 test builds to finally find a concept that was pretty much universal and would work for almost anyone’s ear. They wrap over your ear and a small piece also rest in your ear a little.


cthulhu ears quid cthulhu ear squid cthulhu ear squid


Finally we end with the first picture of my almost finished BugBear Trophy Plaque. He has yet to be giving a name and I have lots of tiny little details left to do to him.. But he finally looks like a The BugBear that he is meant to be.


BugBear Trophy Plaque

The End of June will be spent moving my Etsy Items over to this store and adding some other pieces to the storefront as well.. I’m working on inventory for shows and online so things don’t have to be unlisted from the store while i have them at shows.


Ohh, one last piece I did for a friend.. I make little pocket bobble heads and this is a version of them.. It’s a take on the House Elf… he also has a very basic set of legs that can be installed if she wants.. He is just sitting in my dice bag in the pic.

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2017 – Lets see how it goes.

I’m still lining up shows for the year.. i have 3 so far and will be updating the show page this month.

I have lots of projects in the start status…

Large Trophy Plaque of a BugBear

House Cat Gryphon

New Art Doll concept for a strange woodland critter.

and some personal project builds…

I making a large shadow box display of the Helping Hands from Labyrinth and a replica of a metal mask worn by Stark in Farscape.

I think i’m going to go with a Unicorn 2.0 build as well for 2017. I may decided to go with a dragon…but i think i’m going to go with Unicorn 2.0..

I’ll be adding some Dragon Keepers to my online store shortly. I wont be taking custom paint job requests at this time i’ll just have one of each of the colors i currently make. Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. I may add a black one in there as well.
dragon keeper card holder dragon keeper card holder dragon keeper card holder

I’ll also be adding my scarabs and pendent faces to my store front and etsy shortly.

I finally solved my Cthulhu ear quid issues with my 4.0 build. one large tentacle wraps over the air like a headphone clip. I will be able to mold and cast these in 5 parts and assemble them pretty darn easy.

cthulhu ear squid cthulhu ear squid cthulhu ear squid

I found a very old project. A baby Intellect Devourer warded on a plaque so he can’t mind control you.

I still need to detail the head and sculpt the feet.. we’ll get this bugger done for Origins 2017.

baby intellect devourer

I’m making an OOAK art doll of a house elf of some type ..he’s ready to get some cloths put on him.

house elf

and i’ll be making a lower price point art doll woodland critter. This is the beta test i made for it. I’m currently sculpting 2 new heads to use for this concept.

woodland critter

thats it …now i need to get my butt in gear to find some shows to do.

Steve aka Claude Raymond Design.

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End of Year Show Prep

It’s September and I’m wrapping up new inventor items for my 5 end of year shows.


Here is a little of what I’ll have been working on and wrapping up. Some of these I have shared before but I figure I’ll just lump them all back in here.


I finished my carved dragon tooth and after a couple of recommendations I have added color options.
There are 5 colors to choose from. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple:

Carved Dragon Tooth Pendant Colors


I will also have Dragon Eye Earrings as either a Stud or a Lever option. The color choice will be the same as the Dragon Tooth above.

Dragon Eye Earring ColorsEvil Eye Earring French Lever

In addition to the Dragon Eye Earrings I will have 5 sets of Dragon Scale Earring Studs. I’m just testing the waters with these so we’ll see how quick they go.

Dragon Scale Earring Studs

I have 9 Scarab pins in stock and they will have random colored top stones and red bottom stones. These are Resin castings given a metallic finish paint job. Should a LARPer or COSplayer want a rune carved into the scarab I can easily do this for them as a custom order.

Scarab Pin

I had some smaller pendants laying around so I’ll also have these 3 Red Dragon Eye pendants with me. If they have a good response I’ll look into creating more for 2017.

Red Dragon Eye Pendants

I have some Smurf heads finished and ready to be put up on plaques. I should have a Chef Smurf and a victim of Jokey Smurf at my next Show. Should… maybe… I’ll see if I get them wrapped up.


Smurf Trophy Heads

I’m not sure what kind of response I will get from my face pendants however I they have really rally grown on me. There are 4 larger style faces and 5 smaller style faces and I have made 4 eye styles to test out. 1. Real Eyes 2. Green Jewel eyes 3. Creepy missing eyes 4. Sculpted Eyes.

Face Pendant small Face Pendant
Face Pendant



I’m going to use my next few shows to see the response to them and see which two or three styles I’ll keep making…..


I have added a little write up on the lid of the Dragon Tooth we’ll see if it finds a home this year or next.

Large Dragon Tooth

I have a couple new plaques for the smaller broken unicorn horn folks can buy the horn stand alone or on the plaque.
I’m also working on some additions flower eye hair clips.. I’ll have some black roses and white flowers at the next shows added to the flower faces that I have in stock already.

Broken Unicorn Horn Plaque

I have a new Bonsai Tree Ent that will be showing up at shows as well. Look for my Bonsai Tree Ent dice holder. He will be on the counter of The Malted Meeple while not at shows.

Bonsai Tree Ent Dice Holder

The Black Dragon Build has been completed and he will be tagging along to shows with me as well..If he is not at a show the odds are he will also be on the walls of The Malted Meeple in Hudson Ohio.

Black Dragon Trophy Plaque

Finally I’m getting ready to mold and cast my dragon business card holder.

Dragon Business Card Holder

Oh wait more creepy builds.. I’m on my 3.1 version of my Cthulu Ear squid build. I don’t think I’ll have him ready for shows this year since I’m still working on proof of concept with it..

Cthulhu Ear Squid

I did a couple test fits on other folks and ran into some problems so I’m tweaking the build. We shall see how quickly I can come up with solutions I’m ok with.


I think that is it for my end of 2016 builds.. I’ll be starting to work on my Cat Gryphon at the end of the year and see how quickly that moves along.. I’m on the hunt now for good faux cat hair.

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Well Hello August

Since at this time I can’t travel outside of my home base of North East Ohio to do shows to often I have 2 months of work I get to do before 2 shows in October. Lets do a run down of the past 4 weeks.


I’ve finished off Several Projects in the last few weeks and have added some things to my store front.


My Black Dragon Build is moving along well and should be finished this month. I should be starting to paint him this weekend and when he is done i’ll post some photos..


What I’m calling my “Classic Dungeons & Dragon Earth Elemental Head”. For those younger than my 45 years (mumbles curses under his breath about his age) The Original Monster Manual had very ohhh we shall say “Unique” black and white monster drawings. This Earth Elemental Head is based on the old drawing. I’ve taken some style liberties and added some here and there to it but the basic feel of this old school critter design.

Here is the old school art and you can see how my head is a “shadow” of the design.

earthelemental Earth Elemental Head Earth Elemental Head Earth Elemental Head Earth Elemental Head

There is a 25 watt LED light inside the head that allows the eyes to appear to glow.

Earth Elemental Head

This build was a contestant back and forth for me.. at some points I just wanted to end the build and call it quits. I’m glad I didn’t because in the end I’m happy with the way it turned out.


I finished my Carved Dragon Tooth and have started to make and finish castings. The tooth was designed to have a carved root for a dragon eye to be placed in. I’ll have other eye color options at local shows and I should have the options on my site in the next month or two.

Dragon Tooth Pendant

The cord on the tooth has a simple slip knot on it to allow the cord to be adjusted for the length you want to wear it at.

Head to my store and pick one up… you know you want to….


I will shortly have my scarab pins available at my store front as well.. I may look into making these into a pendant as well but for now it is only available as a pin. They are cast in resin as well and painted with a metallic finish.

Scarab  Pin

Also this month I have added some Evil Eye Earrings into my mix of items for sale. You can find a French Lever and a Pin Evil Eye Earring in my storefront now. I’ll also have these at my two shows coming up in October. I’m tossing around the idea of also making these with other colors. They may show up at shows to test the waters before they are up on the site.

Evil Eye Earring French Lever Evil Eye Earring Studs

I decided that I would Sculpt, Mold and Cast my next Smurf Head so I could keep the price point I had on them. This is the first beta test fella… Pay no mind to the wig, talons, antlers and bird feet.. those all go to works in progress..

Smurf Trophy Head


Lastly I’m working on a Cat Gryphon Art Doll and before I do that build I thought I should take a shot at some other Art Dolls.
OOAK Woodland Fantasy Hedgehog

This is the first one..  I based the head and shape off a hedgehog and turned it into a fantasy woodsy critter…

Not sure if I’ll be selling him.. If someone had a real interest I’m sure I’d let him go for the right price…

My next extended build will be the Cat Gryphon however i have a couple other smaller builds i’m wrapping up and will be molding and casting for the next show. I’m just about done with my Dragon Business Card/Dice Holder. and I’m working on a small pet dragon to have caged.

To many irons in the fire or some such phrase…

Thanks for finding my site and feel free to contact me with any questions..




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And Summer Begins so Lets post an update

It’s been a little while since I posted on the old page so let’s do a quick update..


Just had a great, fun filled 5 days in Columbus Ohio at Origins Game Faire.. I normally go to this Convention with my friends every year and spend 5 days playing RPG games all day long. I do take some time off in the afternoons.

This year I took the challenge of an artist booth and it would not have been possible without a great group of friends supporting me.

I’m not sure how the folks that run games do so without losing their voices .. After 2 days of talking to people for 8 hours straight I was losing my voice and my friend (chris) helping me at the booth did loose hers. I was able to make it thru my Friday “How to make a goblin head trophy plaque” class without a coughing fit and everyone seemed to have a great time at the class.

Up Next for me is a visit to the Oddmalls Back Yard Bash on Friday July 8th and Saturday July 9th. This will be my first outdoor show so stop on by and see me dealing with the heat…. It won’t be pretty.

I’m still figuring out when I’ll be doing my next Malted Meeple “how to” class and if you are a Gamer and attending Con on the Cob you will be able to sign up and take my class there in November.

Project update time…

I’m currently building a “largish” Black Dragon Trophy bust and shooting to have it finished by the end of July.  As I work on the dragon I’m working on my Earth Elemental Head project. Its about a foot and a half tall with a light inside to make its eyes glow. I’m trying to finish these both by the end of July so I can move on to another large project.. A baby Griffon Puppet to wear at shows.


I’m working on some additional items to cast and sell at a price point for the non-collector. By the end of the month I should be molding Goblin Face Pendants, a Dragon tooth with a carved Eye in the root as well as a smurf head that I will be able to mold and cast and keep at the price point I now have for them.

I should also have a second Fairy Dragon finished and ready for molding.

we shall see if I can keep to my target dates on these.

I’ll also have a gift box Dragon Egg finished shortly and I’m going to have to start on some new Bonsai Tree Ents since I’m down to my last one there.

I have to get to casting more fairy dragon hair clips and magnets.. they sold well at Origins and I’m down to only 3 in both categories…

One last note… I’m working on taking photos and getting listing up on my store here on the site. I have a large TO DO list and I’m trying my best to get things done.

Thanks again to all that found me at Origins .. Looking forward to next year..

Check out my event page for other shows I have lined up and as always head on over to Facebook to stay in touch and see other updates.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have… and thanks for finding my site.
Steve (aka Claude Raymond Design)








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Well Hello May…

2016 is a year of change for Mr. Steve. After 19 years It’s just me and the pack now. Sorrow, Charlie and Violet… and we may as well toss in the Puddum Cats Edie and Olive. I’ll see how the rest of 2016 goes..

The first three shows of the year are in the can and went OK for the most part. Met some wonderful visitors and connected with some great fellow vendors.

You can find me this Summer at Origins Game Fair at the Columbus Convention Center June 15th thru 19th and the Oddmalls Back Yard Bash in Hudson on Friday and Saturday July 8th and 9th.  I’ll show back up in October, November and December. Check out my Events page for more information.

I have my “How to make a Goblin Head” class coming up on May 21st at noon down there at the Malted Meeple in Hudson. I’ll also be running the class this year at Origins on Friday the 17th at 1PM.

Visit my class page for more information on registering for my Class at the Malted Meeple and if you’re a gamer heading to Origins I’m listed as event 501.


I finished off some new projects starting first with my “Fairy Dragons” hair clips. These Fairy Dragon creations come in their own display cage. You don’t want the darn things flying off now do ya.

Fairy Dragon Hair Clip Colors Fairy Dragon Hair Clip Cage Colors  Fairy Dragon In Cage

The Fairy Dragons come in 2 hair clip types. The Alligator Clip and the French Barrette Clip or if you like a casting can be done without the clip.


Fairy Dragon In Hair

You are stuck with the top of my head till I find a lovely hair model to use…But I think you catch the idea.

I have also found that the Alligator clip works well for putting a dragon on your shoulder if you use an over the shoulder strap with a bag.

This is the third model that I have decided to mold and cast. They are all hand painted and given a clear matte coat finish. I will have 2 listed on my Etsy Store and 2 Listed hear at store. I will also have a custom order option in the store and if you would like even further modifications you can contact me to talk about it.

Fairy Dragon Close up Cage



The 4th model that I have decided to mold and cast is a Baby Dragon that is designed to be sleeping on your shoulder.

Baby Gold Dragon on Shoulder

The Wings are all handmade for each casting and can be moved about on the Baby Dragon. The standard casting is seen in green and the castings can be modified to have to look of various Dragon Breeds. You can see the “Baby Black Dragon” and “Baby White Dragon” in the photos.

Baby Black Dragon Baby White Dragon Baby Green Dragon


The Baby Dragons have Magnets in their bellies and a counter magnet is used under a shirt to keep the little fellas in place on your shoulder. I have unfortunately found out that putting your back against the wall and leaning will dislodge the magnets. Normal wear allows them to stay in place however. I will be including a large black band that can be used to help secure your Baby Dragon to your shoulder in case you’re like me and you do a lot of leaning at art shows when there is a wall behind you and you forget there is a dragon on your shoulder and then it pops off and goes flying to the ground and after the third time you do it because you keep doing cause you’re a dummy you finally manage to break it. (and breath)

I did learn from my dumbassness that the dragon lives when hitting concert 3 out of 4 falls.

I’ll have this little experimental Black dragon with me at Origins and the experimental display egg with it.. The sleeping baby dragon is also an experiment but he wont be for sale.. he will just be sleeping in my pocket at my booth.

Black Dragon  Dragon Egg Display


I also cooked up some Paint Your Own Face Magnets, Flower Faced Calla Lilly, some Unicorn Horn Trophy Plaques and a couple other things for 2016 shows.

When you pick up one of my magnet faces you get a set of eyes with it. You take it home paint it up and push the eyes into place.

Goblin Magnet Face

The New Catta Lilly flower faces come in pairs and i have also added some short stem roses

catta lilly  Face Catta Lilly Pairs  Rose Eyes


Some projects i’ll be finishing this year are a Black Dragon Trophy Bust and an Earth Elemental Head that will have glowing eyes…

I’m just going to end my ramble for the start of the month there..


As always thanks for finding me on the interwebs and if you have any questions feel free to contact me here or at my facebook page.


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The Baby Dragon for your Pocket Project.

Needing to distract myself from life I decided i wanted a baby dragon to put in my pocket while i’m at shows. So off I went to work starting with some foil and tape. After many layers of Apoxie Clay and Polymer Clay I ended up with the little fella below.

Baby Dragon foil Sleeping Baby Dragon

I was looking to make a little sleeping baby dragon that i could carry around in my pocket so I had to make sure as I was building him out that he would fit. I normally wear a Carhartt at shows so I kept that in mind as i was building the baby dragon out.

Baby Dragon build Baby Dragon Test fit.

Here is the Baby Dragon sleeping in my pocket.

Baby Dragon Sleeping in Pocket

If you would like to see more build photos head on over to my gallery and browse about.

I have a 2.o built that doesn’t fit my “Pocket” concept and will be for sale this year at shows. I have also started working on a 3.0 Baby Dragon build that i’m design so that i can mold and cast the baby dragon for sale. I’ll be able to customize the baby dragon with other features.

Feel free to contact me with any question you may have and thanks for finding me..

I do post more photos over on the old Facebook so feel free to head that way and like my page.

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Keep moving forward (ish)

2016 is not going to be an easy year for me….

This will be the 2nd year for me doing shows and i’m trying to do more this year.. but with the fun crap that life can throw your way no and again I may have to tone down shows for next year.. depends on how this years shows go… and if i can keep myself moving…

Lets do a run down of what i’m hoping to get done this year.

I have 2 models of small palm sized dragons that I will be make as models that i can mold and cast. In the end this will create a lower price point item… lets hope i sell some..

I finished the model of the 2 legged dragon and he has been chopped up and is ready for me to get my funds in order to buy mold materials.

2 legged shoulder dragon 2 legged shoulder dragon

here he is when i did the wing test fit on him.

2 legged shoulder dragon

I’m also making a small 4 leg dragon and here is the wing test fit for that build and his almost finished head sculpt

4 small dragon wing fit test 4 legged small dragon head

I was looking to cook up a lower price point item for my booth so i made a Magnet head that you can purchase primed and ready to be painted.

You just have to paint it to your liking and pop the eyeballs in. Then it will be ready to hold up a report card on the fridge.

goblin face magnet goblin face magnet

I’ll have some with me at the Cleveland ConContion and at the next Spring Oddmall.

goblin face magnet


Lots of folks liked the caged Green Fairy.. i may look at a way to make more of these guys in the future as well.

green fairy


I’ll also have some more Colorful Eye flowers with me at the next couple of shows.


As always ..thanks for stopping by the site and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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Getting Ready for the first show of the year

Looks like 2016 will be a strange year for me. I have 5 shows booked and i’m looking to perhaps add 2 more.

My flower faces will be available for the first time at Oddmall Expedition Elsewhere on February 13th adn 14th. You can find me in booth 43 and 44.


These are the first beta flowers using my new castings.


I’ll have several single long stem flowers and 2 small bouquets

Face In flower Face In flower Face In flower

Face In flower Face In flower



I’m also hoping to have a Goblin magnet face for kids ready for February.. The idea for this is for a child to purchase the face, paint it however he would like at home and then glue the included eyes in place.. It will then be ready to stick to the fridge and hold your report card!


My Dragon Tooth now has a display case. The price will be going up on the Dragon Tooth Trophy Display to reflect the case and the work on the insert. I hope this fella finds a home this year.. A wizardly write up will be added to the inside lid shortly

Dragon Tooth Display


I’ll have 4 new wood sprites done this year. One poor sap stuck in a small cage. A Wood Sprite to sit on your shelf or a Wood Sprite to stand on your shelf.. and this fella with a glowing fairy orb.

Wood Sprite


Look for a new Unicorn Horn Trophy Mounted on a display board. I will still have ones that can be purchased and displayed on a table top stand and i’m looking at doing smaller castings of my horn. I may have an experimental short horn at the first show as well.


Coming up this year I should…”should”  have my small pet dragons and a larger should dragon finished up…. I’ll also have a Black Dragon Trophy head finished by mid year.
I should have some works in progress pictures come soon to my FB page for those.


As always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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Getting Ready for 2016

I have 5 shows booked for 2016 so far. Head on over to my event page to check them out.


The Year will start off with my “How to make a goblin” class on January 23rd. The class has a $20.00 per person charge and all materials are supplied.

I’m finishing up an Customer Order for a Zombie Elf on  Shelf. You can find more build photos of him in my Gallery

Zombie Elf on a Shelf

I have 8 faces finished and ready to mold for my flower faces. I should have the molds made and castings going by the end of January and I expect to have some of those flowers with me at the Canton Oddmall.


I’ve been working to get some new Wood Sprite Creations created and have 4 to take along with me to shows. I’ll see about cooking up some more as 2016 moves on. I’ll also have some additional Pebble Sprites for 2016.


I have a shoulder sitting dragon build just about finished and he should be ready to join me at shows in 2016 as well. I have a little more sculpting to do on the fella then he’s ready to be primed and painted.


In my quest to make a lower price point item for the kiddies I have a little goblin face that I have made for a magnet. I will be selling them unfinished. You will get to take it home paint it as you like and put his eyeballs in and stick him to your fridge.


I have way too many projects in the pipeline and not enough time to work on them.

  • Large Black Dragon Trophy Plaque
  • Stone Elemental head with light.
  • A Dragon tooth with glowing glyphs carved in it.
  • Small fairy dragon
  • Weeping Angel Xmas Tree Topper

Those are the build I have in some sort of “Started State”.

Have a great Holiday Season and see you in 2016.


Steve (AKA Claude Raymond Design)




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