The Process

I work with Polymer Clays and 2 part Avis “Apoxie” clays for my creations. I have a nice work space in the basement that is covered with bits and pieces 1 day after I have organized it and I end up working in my living room on a folding table and hanging out with our 4 dogs. They get lonely when I spend too much time in the basement a place where they are not allowed.

I dare say that 99% of my OOAK art doll creations will come with some free dog hair buried in the clay.

Most of my OOAK Art Dolls and models have eyes that I have made from scratch.. Google it and you’ll find many concepts and ways to do it. I combined 2 of them and added my own ideas and I’m happy with the final result. I also like to use glass beads on some of the OOKA Art doll critters. It makes them a little creepier.

I’ll use scrape materials from the fabric store to dress The OOAK ART Dolls and some Coffee dyed cheese cloth and gauze for things as well. A coffee bath ages things nicely.

Other materials you can find around my work space… various gauges of wire, glass beads off all sizes.. 2 part silicon for simple molds, Latex, Acrylic paints, Liquid glass and films for wings. Just about anything I think I can find a use for.

Normally I’ll do a little beta test concept piece and see how I feel about it. If I like the idea I’ll tweak the design if I need to and make more of them. I may end up putting some of my beta tests in the store.

As always, got a question? Ask away!