The Beginning

As I young kid growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s I found myself wanting to use something other than paper Mache for the old “make a volcano” school project.  My Mom took me to a Hobby shop in Euclid which seemed MILLIONS of miles away from home to me at the time, but really just up Euclid Avenue. I found some blocks of green, brown and red clay there that I decided would be much better to make a volcano.  As I made that Volcano at home I started thinking of all the other things I could start doing with this clay, however only having  a dull Green, Brown and Red color to mess around with wasn’t very satisfying.


That’s where Mom comes to the rescue! She found young Steve “Plasticine” and it had LOTS of colors to choose from and gave me a lot more options. It enabled me to do silly things like, covering my G.I. Joe action figures with clay to make my own “new”  figure. They were made into superheroes more often than not.


As I got a little older I started to make characters from the Dragon Magazines that my big brothers had laying around. The comic strip based on a small quirky dragon named “Wormy” and all his little sidekicks got brought to life as 3d clay models. I also moved onto making figures of my family pets and even took a shot at Captain Crunch and other breakfast cereal shills.


I was never the best sketch artist or painter but with clay I could bring many things to life and created stories and adventures with the figures I crafted.


By my late teens my interests and free time changed and I didn’t find myself fiddling around with clay. It wasn’t until the early to mid 90’s that I started to sculpt or model again. This was when I first found Polymer Clays. When I found that pink Super Sculpey on a shelf it peeked my interests.. The gang was playing a D&D campaign and I had a dwarf that needed a lizard mount. So I bought the stuff and used the tools I had on hand to sculpt my own 28mm dwarf riding a lizard.. Everyone else bought their minis but I couldn’t find one that worked for me so I just had to make my own.


So I found my old “tools” which consisted of the pick from a nutcracker set and some very old dental tools and needles and went to work.


This little project led to me being introduced to a gentleman, Joe, that made toy soldiers and me “apprenticing “with him. I learned ALOT over the years of just hanging out and watching him as he worked.  While I was learning from Joe I also learned how to make my own sculpting tools. Some brass rods, a blow torch, a dremel and some sand paper and VOILA you have some tools! Don’t forget to dip them in water as your work or you could end up with burnt finger tips. This… I know from experience.


Again time went on and the world changed and I shelved my sculpting for other life events. Every now and then I would do some pet caricatures for friends and family but it was just for fun.


A few years back I jumped back in and found Wendy and Brian Froud’s work. After that I started to fiddle fart around again and found that my desire to be creative and bring things to life was reignited.


Events in my family during 2013 led me to start to do beta tests with making fantasy dolls and other things. Life again threw a curveball at me but I only used it this time to feed my desire to build this site and see if I could find other silly folks out there that my want a piece of my creativity in their life and home.

Now as a fella in his 40’s living in North East Ohio with his lovely wife Heather, 4 dogs, 2 cats and fish I find myself rolling the dice and looking into the future.


Please browse the site and if you have any questions feel free to visit the contact page and shoot me a message.