2017 – Lets see how it goes.

I’m still lining up shows for the year.. i have 3 so far and will be updating the show page this month.

I have lots of projects in the start status…

Large Trophy Plaque of a BugBear

House Cat Gryphon

New Art Doll concept for a strange woodland critter.

and some personal project builds…

I making a large shadow box display of the Helping Hands from Labyrinth and a replica of a metal mask worn by Stark in Farscape.

I think i’m going to go with a Unicorn 2.0 build as well for 2017. I may decided to go with a dragon…but i think i’m going to go with Unicorn 2.0..

I’ll be adding some Dragon Keepers to my online store shortly. I wont be taking custom paint job requests at this time i’ll just have one of each of the colors i currently make. Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. I may add a black one in there as well.
dragon keeper card holder dragon keeper card holder dragon keeper card holder

I’ll also be adding my scarabs and pendent faces to my store front and etsy shortly.

I finally solved my Cthulhu ear quid issues with my 4.0 build. one large tentacle wraps over the air like a headphone clip. I will be able to mold and cast these in 5 parts and assemble them pretty darn easy.

cthulhu ear squid cthulhu ear squid cthulhu ear squid

I found a very old project. A baby Intellect Devourer warded on a plaque so he can’t mind control you.

I still need to detail the head and sculpt the feet.. we’ll get this bugger done for Origins 2017.

baby intellect devourer

I’m making an OOAK art doll of a house elf of some type ..he’s ready to get some cloths put on him.

house elf

and i’ll be making a lower price point art doll woodland critter. This is the beta test i made for it. I’m currently sculpting 2 new heads to use for this concept.

woodland critter

thats it …now i need to get my butt in gear to find some shows to do.

Steve aka Claude Raymond Design.

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