The Baby Dragon for your Pocket Project.

Needing to distract myself from life I decided i wanted a baby dragon to put in my pocket while i’m at shows. So off I went to work starting with some foil and tape. After many layers of Apoxie Clay and Polymer Clay I ended up with the little fella below.

Baby Dragon foil Sleeping Baby Dragon

I was looking to make a little sleeping baby dragon that i could carry around in my pocket so I had to make sure as I was building him out that he would fit. I normally wear a Carhartt at shows so I kept that in mind as i was building the baby dragon out.

Baby Dragon build Baby Dragon Test fit.

Here is the Baby Dragon sleeping in my pocket.

Baby Dragon Sleeping in Pocket

If you would like to see more build photos head on over to my gallery and browse about.

I have a 2.o built that doesn’t fit my “Pocket” concept and will be for sale this year at shows. I have also started working on a 3.0 Baby Dragon build that i’m design so that i can mold and cast the baby dragon for sale. I’ll be able to customize the baby dragon with other features.

Feel free to contact me with any question you may have and thanks for finding me..

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